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Polarized CustomClipon Sunglasses, Clip Ons for Glasses and Custom Eyewear

Wearing CustomClipon Sunglasses that are polarized are better for your eyes than non-polarized sunglasses. The clarity and purity of the polycarbonate customclipons provides superior qualities that are free of visual distortions.

Each CustomClipon Sunglasses weighs less than one ounce in weight and is rated for 99.9% protection from harmful UVA and UVB ultraviolet radiation, exceeding federal standards. At less than an ounce in weight and wafer thin in design, CustomClipon Sunglasses provide a snug fit without adding unwanted bulk or weight.

The colors below may appear lighter or darker, depending on your monitor.

All CustomClipon Sunglasses are polarized and made from the exact polycarbonate materials found in brand name custom clipon sunglasses thereby meeting or exceeding optical quality of Sunglasses standards for clarity and freedom from distortion. Also CustomClipon Sunglasses lens have a special type of advanced polarizing film that filters more light that passes through the lens (Transmittance Tv).

CustomClipon Sunglasses are individually crafted and are engineered to slip over and behind your glasses resting alongside the nose pad area without visual obstruction and Additionally, Custom Clipon Sunglasses incorporate an adjustable grip for your eyeglasses to accommodate your active lifestyle.

CustomClipon Sunglasses come in a variety of colors, in any shape and any size and color selection is a matter of personal preference dependent on the individual’s comfort level. In addition, the colors are uniform across the CustomClipon Sunglasses lens for the highest quality available.

Wear Your CustomClipon Sunglasses with confidence! 

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